About Me

Well, what can I say about me...I have regularly been making cards since April 2012...this started as my husband bought me a basic starter kit for my Christmas...he probably wished he hadn't as since then he has gradually become a bit of a card widow... in addition to this I now have my very own craft room and it's started taking over my life a little at a time!...definitely my budget too!...My daughter introduced me to Blogger at around the same time, so that I could track my progress; the rest they say is history! 

I live in East Midlands and now work part time (Feb 2017)due to health reasons  as a clinical nurse manager in the drug and alcohol field;although I still do a little bit of the hands-on clinical work too...it has it's moments and can be very stressful at times...the past few years have been particularly difficult and challenging for a number of reasons although I'm lucky enough to love the area I work in,...it's certainly aged me and does at times challenge my sanity!

I'm married to a wonderful and supportive husband and I'm a mother to a 26-year-old daughter; I am sometimes shocked that I'm now 40 something(47)!...and all grown up myself...when did that happen and where does time go!!!

Card making is my escape and time to relax; although I don't get as much time as I'd like I can't imagine life now without it. I hope you enjoy my journey?

Through Blogger I've come across the most amazing, inspirational, talented and kind hearted people and I'm happy to be a part of such a wonderful community.Thank you for taking the time to visit it is very much appreciated.Hugs... Andrea X