Thursday, 30 July 2015

What do you say?

Its been some time since my last post, actually about 10 months, it doesn't seem that long.What do I say?

Pretend I was never away and resume as before? give a long account of what's happened in this time or just say well life and events happen and blogger took a back seat. For the last few months I've restarted visiting favourite sites and keeping an eye on what's been happening in blog land; its been impossible not to as I feel a connection, even though its a community of relative strangers its for me been a positive experience.I couldn't find the courage(not sure that's the correct word) to write that first post.

I still make cards although not as often as I would like and still keep in contact with a few people I've met along the way. So how do I move on? Well set my goals small and build on them. 

I wont be posting as often as I used too, I hope at least weekly. Instead of just visiting sites as I have been doing leave a comment and say hello and then I take it from there.Its good to be back and hopefully this time its for good. I've posted a card made quite some time ago  that I hope will make someone smile. 

I hope life has been kind to you and all is well. Thanks for reading  Andrea x  

just to say- hi :-)