Wednesday, 15 June 2016


A very happy WOYWW to everyone and I hope you are well. Julia I hope you are slowly on the mend and you are in our thoughts .so whats on the desk? Sorry its covered !..taken last night. Photo quality is also not great as still getting to grips with new software ....which is currently outsmarting me !

desk this week 
I'm working on my sisters birthday card so cant reveal it:-),there may be some clues around but I can't' possibly say.

I can show the fab ATC's I received from Shazsilverwolf and Anne L. Shaz as always has created a wonderful colourful creation. I love the highlighted words,my colour mixing ends up muddy but I keep trying!Thanks Shaz for your wonderful creativity and style I love it.

from Shaz - stunning colour and design
Anne sent me the most adorable shaker ATC with amazing painted background, the card it came in was hand drawn, Anne you are quite an artist. I was also surprised to receive some gifts, it was very kind and everything was packaged beautifully. I love the cute little Polaroid frames ... still working on ideas to use them.

From Anne -card, envelope and surprise gifts 

ATC - shaker love the colours and Prima mini 
Isn't it wonderful to see such variety and skills,I do love blogging and sharing with other Woywwers. Hopefully next year I will make many more to swap. So a big thank you to Jan for holding the fort so brilliantly and making this all possible.

Not sure if I will be around next week off to Tenby for a week but week after I hopefully will show the ATC's I made although I see some have already been posted. I hope you have a great week and I will come visit as many as I can.Off to work  have a great week ahead. 

Crafty hugs Andrea X.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Good morning WOYWWers and a very happy Wednesday to everyone for week 366 .I didn't quite make it last week but I think that will be the way. I wrote this last night in two stages(was falling asleep so only did half before accidentally posting after first paragraph  not ideal !  ...had to retrieve now finishing off as I woke up at 2;30 am  arghhhh insomniac land once again .I will hopefully link up before I go to work in this morning. Work has been a bit hectic to say the least and I am having to work  more shifts again, so time and energy have been lacking, not helped by early morning waking, but I am not going to grumble as otherwise I would be finishing this after work tomorrow ...and that would be a  wee bit too late.

Thank you to Shazsilverwolf for her fabulous ATC which I received so promptly(unlike mine!) and I hope you have now received the one |I sent. So I'm not sure wether to post the ATC's today or not...mmmmm.

Thank you LLJ for keeping us posted on Julia and it's great news that the operation went well and she is now safely at home recuperating...  my thought and prayer are with her.  Thanks for also holding the WOYWW fort, its in very good hands. 

I wanted to say a big thank you  to Pauline and Darnell for always being there and their kind words and interesting entertaining and thoughtful posts

Pauline isn't a WOYWW participator but she is a kind and genuine person,  I made a connection with right at the beginning of my blogging, we started at a very similar time. Pauline has continued to be a fabulous card maker and crafter and is now featured in several magazines and design teams.She produces stunning work, always with great attention to detail. Despite her obviously busy schedule Pauline still takes the time to pop in and say hi and leave a comment whenever I write a post. 

Darnell  I think I met  through WOYWW .What can I  say she is one in a million. I do love her wonderful and witty posts and her thoughtfulness for others is outstanding,she always wants to involve everyone for no other reason other than wanting you to feel good. She is honest,genuine and to the point and has a very interesting use of word ..unique some would say, which you will understand should you know her already ...a very special person indeed. I  have linked them both up should you want to go visit and  say hi. 

ATCS wallets

So for today's photo I've decided on the ATC wallets I made for now with cards in... so you can can get a sneaky peak of what style of card making inside some folks should already have received theirs  by now..but who knows which one is theirs!

I am planning  to make a lot more for next year as I really enjoyed them.You can be as creative as you feel and its only a small piece of work, Dependant on your mood at the time you can create so many different styles,which I really like,Hopefully there will be more than four next year(there was actually 5 but the last one is a surprise for someone so can't say more than that!)  Have a great day and weekend  and if you do have the time pop in too say hello it is very much appreciated. Big crafty hugs Andrea XX

p.s sorry for rambling....  its just like old times tee heee 

Friday, 3 June 2016

Why Make Plans !

well my plans as usual did not quite work out I missed this weeks WOYWW and was late sending my ATC's as decided to make cards for them as well, I was happy with the results though and they are now posted and on there way as of yesterday (sorry peeps).I hope to catch up with woywwers and friends over the weekend although working all day saturday !

So what shall I show you today.. mmmm..not quite sure I have decided that I will not be making plans ....and just go with the flow, post when I can and don't put pressure on myself as that just leaves me feeling like I've failed. 

I'm posting some pics of our shared craft room and a card I made recently. I previously did not use printed toppers as I would usually stamp and colour in myself, but I buy Making Cards magazine every month as well as several others.....I'm addicted to magazines and have so many that I'm having to sell some on  Ebay when I finally  get around to it!  They are all piled up and in order,I've just not got to the next stage yet and I won't be able to post them as far to heavy! we will see what happens ...

I got distracted there!!!....Making cards have some really nice and often quite unusual toppers and papers and great articles  on how to use them  as well as some fab ideas and I must say they are very good most times but I know we all have very different tastes .

Pics of  our ( my) craft room.

Messy hubby's desk and my L shape behind

My favourite area  in the room,hubby was allowed to use the radiator shelf for his battle ship;-)
The rest is mine :-)))

Now for the card there eventually LOL..The blue flowers and backing paper where from the magazine,I used Heartfelt Creations flowers and I think the leaves are also Heartfelt dies .I used a lot of silver card and paper to bling it up and also ribbon,lace and pearls.The little butterflies are Memory box dies.

 Close up of the beautiful flower topper and silver and blue you might have  guessed that blue is my favourite colour

I hope you have a good weekend whatever you're doing and hopefully I will be back soon and hopping in to say hello. Big crafty hugs and thanks for visiting,I really do appreciate it.
Hugs Andrea x 

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

WOYWW 7 Anniversary Post

Well I made it this year just,... I wasn't posting much last year and didn't take part WOYWW 6, but it's a delight to take part this year. I'm not giving anything away just yet as  I don't want to spoil the surprise for the recipient. I do want to send a very.very big thank you to LLJ for being the kind host this year's Anniversary and her huge support of Julia Julia I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and that you get an internet connection!

craft room 9:30 last night

So what do we have today ....not much actually I've been busy at work last week,I spent the weekend at my daughters( had a wonderful time )and late shift Monday,so really only had last night to do anything and as you can see it wasn't much !.but I did manage to finish the little holder for my ATC's,well two of them two to finish tonight after work. If you look very closely at the second photo below you will get a tiny peek of it on my desk, any other clues have been re moved ;-).

sneaky peek of ATC for anniversary swap 

I did enjoy making my ATC's, I am planning to make some more as I enjoyed it so much, so will be ultra organised for next year!....I will post all four next week and their little covers before sending them.Well, time to get organised for work. Have a great day and even if you don't take part have fun visiting everyone and seeing over the next few weeks what others have been up to for the anniversary swap. That is the best bit for me. A very happy WOYWW 7 Anniversary to everyone and here is to yet another wonderful crafty year of sharing inspiration friendship and fun.
.Big crafty hugs Andrea X

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Whats on your Workdesk Wednesday 363

I know its been a while since I posted. Having visited Julias site again late last week it made me appreciate what I've got, there are so many people worse off  than ourselves and in difficulty wetehr thats health or other ,also thanks to Darnell  for yet again a  fabulous and thoughtful post to give me a kick start  .So here I am back for WOYWW 363 being hosted by Lunch LadyJan this week a great blog hop of happy like minded and crafty sorts sharing there desks around the world. I hope Julia that the surgery and recovery are a success and like so many others you are in our thoughts and prayers and wish you well.Enjoy your break away  in the sun and I hope you have a really lovely time away. I wasn't going to take part in the WOYWW anniversray 7 on the 25th May..., then I thought why not .make the effort and do something enjoyable, so here I am with my desk hiding my efforts for the big day...I really enjoyed my crafty time making them and not quite finished yet and so as not to give it away my efforts they are covered with the peice of blue card on my desk below.
Sneaky peak at work in progress for anniversarry WOYWW and small corner of hubbys desk in view

The  card I made was just for fun having done some colouring and wanting a bright cheerful card to match and encourage the sunshine our way.the cute little ladybird was part of a great christmas pressie of a crafty "gooody bag" from a relative last christmas.

I love the ladybird embellishment 

Its been so long since my last post that Ive moved rooms since then and now "share" with hubby who does his model making (currently a fighter plane  )you can just see a corner of his space and his desk light behind mine. I have 90%  to his 10% of the room but needs must!...  I had to fill the space and it wasn't an effort !...although hisdesk is much messier than mine and is not much in view as you can see from the first's directly facing mine.I'm lucky enough to have two deks that form an L shape and also I did not want to shock you by posting a full on photo of his space ....I will save that for another day..LOL. I'm scheduling this as early start at work in the morning,but I will link up if I can in time, if not it will be after I finish work , Photo's where taken early yetserday evening .

second view with even less of hubbys desk !

I will visit after work or later in the week so apoligies if I don't get to you quickly and don't get to everyone .Its good to be posting again and sometimes you just need a bit of motivating to get started agin so thanks Julia for giving me that push I  needed .happy WOYWW and thanks for taking the time to visit, it is very much appreciated. Big crafty hugs Andrea  x