Monday, 30 April 2012

A Wet and Windy Weekend Over

Well another week has passed and were did my weekend go? How do weekends go so fast unlike the week which always seems to take forever? I did manage to fit in some card making yesterday, you can see my efforts below. My favourite is the 'Happy Birthday' one. I got some new flexi markers last week as part of a magazine subscription and had to try them out, I liked the results and ease of use, although the paler colours were almost invisible or is that just my eyesight? Anyway what it does mean is my stash is growing and so is my collection of promarker colours, although still a long way off from owning the complete set, I am not even half way there yet! I gave up attempting to add badges to my blog page, even after talking to my daughter. I think it would be best if I wait until she comes home from university in the summer; it is all too difficult for me to remember, much to her amusement. Below are my cards for the week and the challenges I am entering (if I manage to link them correctly). Don't you think the number of beautiful blogs and challenge pages is excellent? I could spend all my spare time just looking at other peoples creations, probably one of the reasons I don't have enough time for card making during the week; I could spend the time I use having little sneaky peaks at other peoples card making my own... but there is just not enough hours in the day.
'Spring Blossoms, Blooms and Butterflies '

I used orange and pink checked and orange floral paper, which were free with a magazine and some orange card stock. I have used 4 ribbons: white as a trim around the stamped Tilda, pink which I threaded through the lace and orange satin Hmm did I go overboard? Then for extra decoration I used lots of paper and die cut flowers and butterflies, some of which I layered. For a little bling and sparkle I used gems, various coloured pearls and glitter. Of course I coloured using my beloved promarkers and with a white gel pen I did some faux stitching and highlighted her cheeks.

'Happy Birthday'

This is my all time favourite to date. I used  Forever Friends checked and butterfly paper which I mounted onto cream card stock. Using only 3 ribbons this time: A shiny satin pink and white ric-rac to trim the card, lilac satin ribbon behind the white lace (although you cant see the lilac lace in the photograph). Tilda is coloured using promarkers of course... and I also tried out my new flexi markers. I added some glitter highlights to her dress and wings and tiny flower beads to her hair band, the flowers are made from a type of poly foam from a local shop and are pink and white, although they look peach in photo, finally I attached some pretty pearls and a happy birthday sentiment.

'party time'

For this I used the same Forever Friends checked paper and some pink and lilac card stock. I framed the stamped design with a die-cut and of course coloured with promarkers, sadly they bled a little and I only have one grey promarker so my panda is more blue than grey... artistic licence I choose to call it! I do think they are ever so cute, my favourite is the baby giraffe... the stamps were a freebie from a magazine. I used only one type of ribbon this time. The one with the pearls and flower gems attached looks really wonky which happened when I glued it on, but unfortunately it was to late to redo as it had stuck very quickly... I need to try a different product that has some give...not sure what yet but I will endeavour to find out. (Any suggestions?) I decorated with more pearls, a bow, chip board sentiment and a finally a white 'Anita s' peel off border which is quite difficult to see down in the right hand side of the card. I was surprised at how easily they are to work with and I'm looking forward to using them again .

 The challenges  I am entering are as follows :-

'Spring Blossoms, Blooms and Butterflies '

'Happy Birthday'  

'Party Time'

Saturday, 28 April 2012

A blog too hard !

Hmm, no card making today. Just as I expected, my first attempt at updating my blog page, despite me trying was a failure. I have been trying to put a blog candy link on my page. I got it on the page but the link doesn't work so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong... I think I need to stick to card making and leave the complicated bits to my daughter... Maybe tomorrow I will have something to show for this week. It's been very busy at work and I have had no time for card making... I'm having withdrawals :-(  I will be back tomorrow after I call my daughter to sort my page and hopefuly have a card to post. I'm off now to check out some of my Favourite blogs and get some inspiration.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Saturday Night - Sunday Morning

Well I did say I was going to make some cards, what I didn't expect was that I would be awake at 7am finishing them off and writing this. I got three finished not as many as last week but I did have more late finishes at work and less time to plan and execute my ideas. Having finished all the housework and dinner by 7.30pm it left lots of crafting time to make my cards... ideal, and, I DID IT... I managed to upload the photos on my own without resorting to calling my daughter at five in the morning... not that she would have answered but given my track record I didn't expect it to go smoothly, a little wobble when I couldn't locate the file ,then bingo found them, and it all went smoothly after that. I even remembered how to crop them, I'm not quite a pro yet but progress indeed. Sorry about the angles and dodgy straight lines I haven't mastered straight yet or the best way to take them - flat or standing, hmm... still not sure what looks best, any thoughts? They do look better in real life in my opinion! So I will keep working on it.

' Butterflies and Flowers '

This is the first time that I have inked the edges of my flowers or card and I'm happy with the results. I used some butterfly paper from a forever friends paper pack, a pretty magnolia stamped image, coloured with pro markers (of course, what else?) pink and lilac card, lilac punched flowers, butterflies and a die cut border strip. I inked all the edges with a light purple ink and layered some of the flowers and butterflies to add some dimension.I added glitter to the butterfly and fairy's wings. And added some pearls and gems to the flowers and pearls to the corners to finish. I really like the result, I think it's pretty and it may be my favourite to date

'Sweet Shop Treat '

Using papers and stamps free from magazine I made this very bright an cheerful card.I used orange and yellow card, yellow satin ribbon and bow,a small orange satin flower and some co-ordinating pearls and buttons to finish it off. I need to get some tweezers(I couldn't find my make-up ones or I would have used them in the meantime!) as I really struggled to put the pearls on as they were tiny and kept turning over on the end of my pokey tool which I was using .


Isn't he sweet? I again used a free stamp that I got with a magazine, coloured with my wonderful promarkers, which I obviously love. Pale green card from my stash to back the papers, the striped paper was free from a magazine and the spotty one is from my stash. Another bright and cheerful choice with again an orange theme to make up for such a miserable wet and dull weekend and make me smile. I used orange flower brads, paper flowers with white candi centres, orange pearls, small orange fabric flower and a yellow organza bow to finish. The sentiment also came from a magazine and coordinated well, I thought. 

The challenges I have entering this week

' Butterflies and Flowers '

'Sweet Shop Treat '


Saturday, 21 April 2012

New Challenge Badge and Call To Daughter!

I have received badge number two, I'm really enjoying my card making and there are so many sites to give me inspiration and ideas...  my imagination isn't that great! Although I haven't completed any cards this week, I have made a start and did some stamping and colouring (still loving my promarkers!) but I've been working late several nights and I haven't had the time.. so I'm having major withdrawal symptoms from card making. The badge was a great surprise. As expected I couldn't  remember how to get the badge on my blog... numerous feeble attempts, a few cross words and lots of frustration... lead me to make a quick phone call to my daughter. Daughter to the rescue and I now have two badges.  I can't say I will remember how to do it again but my daughter is going to email me some written instructions... I definitely need them.

What a wet and miserable weekend! Perfect for card making which is my plan. Housework completed and now for some me time. Thank you to the daughter I knew as soon as she went back to university this week that she would get me calling an asking how do I... ? And I was right. Not long until the summer holidays and she will be back as my trusty assistant and private tutor! Free of charge of course in return for board and lodgings (good deal I think). Well off to do some card making. Will be back tomorrow, hopefully with something to show for my efforts.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Challenge Badge

Well I am very excited... I received my first challenge badge today. Okay, it was a random selection rather than skill but I am over the moon. I got my daughter to attach it to my blog as I still dont know how, as a novice to blogging and all things technical. She has also tidied up my blog... it now looks much better. So thank you Claire and thank you to creative Inspiration Paints.

Sunday: The Master Plan and Card Completion Day

I am still busy ensuring that my craft room is put to good use this week. I'm sure I am addicted though, I don't seem to be able to think about much else... hmm will it wear off? My husband hopes so, as he is getting a little neglected, I don't have the ability to multi task, frequently finding that I am responding inappropriately to questions as I am lost in thought thinking about paper patterns and ribbon! Having been inflicted... I needed a strategy to get my fix, as I don’t have a lot of time to make cards especially during the week due to work working, so with my new plan I can catch 10-30mins at a time and this has been worked a treat.

I was really spoiled last week with the bank holiday, so this week I put my master plan into action: I did some stamping on Monday and spent the next few days colouring and putting together all the papers and bits and pieces for my latest ideas, that way I could pop in and out of the craft room adding bits, changing things around and generally being indecisive! Then I spent more time yesterday and today arranging the final card layouts and putting them altogether. I completed four cards in total.I still  have a few other coloured stamped images that haven't quite made it into a complete card yet. I am pleased with results,although two where made using the same stamp using different colours, I love the stamp and think you will be seeing a lot more of it.

I don’t know how people manage to craft and blog daily there just isn’t the time in the day…although if I spent less time lusting over other peoples work I may have the time… too many beautiful cards and talented bloggers to distract me. 

I did want to spend some time making my blog page nicer and adding some bits, sadly we haven't had the opportunity to do so. My daughter hopefully will help me next week before she goes back to University  or it stays the same until the summer holidays! I cant do it on my own! I  have until  Wednesday night to learn the ropes, or at least learn something else... unlikely I think. Although this week I  did manage to upload my photos... sad I  know: but before last week I had never uploaded  a photograph despite the fact I  take millions of photos every year (my husband does all the photo editing, you've seen my straight lines). So you never know maybe I will start editing my my own photo's now too... but  I doubt it.


'Ice Cream Sundae' 

I  like this one and its the most elaborate I have made this week. The stamp was from a set that was free with a magazine as are most of the ones I have. I used three different papers: two are from a forever friends paperpack, I'm not sure where I got the birthday one from (centre paper), but they went well together. Sadly you can't see the birthday paper very well... which is a shame as it is pretty with lovely swirls and spots. I should have put this one above the brown stripe but by the time I realised it was too late.....arghhh!
Therefore Re- positionable glue is getting very high up on the wish list now... I think it has the definite number 1 spot.

I added a die cut swirl and another I had free from a magazine, some pearls and a large flower. I like the soft colours, they remind me of ice cream so I thought perfect to use. Especially chocolate, which is, I must say a favourite of mine... who doesn't love chocolate? A bit cold for an ice cream the last few days though... but I can dream a little for now. It's easy to see once again... my wonky line problem still exists, I am working on it... honest ;-). Although who knows if I will ever master the straight line!  


Again a free stamp set and this time some brighter colours. The papers were free from a magazine and the set is called 'lets fly away', it has some lovely designs that I still have to use. I used an orange die cut fame around the stamp and some tiny brads and buttons. The paper butterfly I tried to make three dimensional and I added glitter (doesn't a little go along way). I also glittered some of the cupcake too. My stash of ribbon isn't huge but I  found some thick wool that was perfect for making a bow and there we have it... the second of the week complete. 

'Summer Tea Time Treat'

My favourite stamp of the week, so good I used it twice! This was also free with a magazine (yes I subscribe now... so I dont miss out). The papers... y es you guessed where free from a magazine, this time the design pack was called paper rose. Some lilac paper flowers with added pearls, lilac and purple paper butterfly, glitter and lilac candi. The cute sentiment was also from a magazine and a perfect match for the colour scheme. And a purple organza ribbon and bow to complete. I like the soft pastel colours I chose. I think it's the ideal look for a summer tea party... roll on those hazy lazy summer days, I cant wait!

'Summer Tea Time Treat': Glitter and pearls

'Anyone for tea'

Stamp same as above but this time I went bright and bold, more of Mad Hatter style tea party than afternoon tea in the lawn with the ladies.  I kept the design more simple as the colours are much brighter. The papers are from the Origami calendar that I used last week, this time I choose three co-ordinating  papers. They are just perfect for this as the colours and patterns are bright and fresh.  I added some paper flowers, green satin ribbon and buttons to complete. The flowers have tiny pink beads in the centre for  a bit of low key bling .

I have entered into the following Challenges:

'Ice Cream Sundae'


'Summer Tea Time Treat'

'Anyone for tea'

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Hoppy Easter

Well, I have had a very enjoyable bank holiday weekend and I have made some cards as well.I also managed to make a nice Easter lunch so the family are happy too... I made four cards which is  a personal record and more than doubles my total of cards made! My photography needs some work though... like my backing papers my photos prefer to be at jaunty little angles, I think I am becoming seriously addicted... Since the promarkers arrived and my craft room has been created  there is no stopping me. There will no longer be cobwebs on the card supplies or dust on the decoupage sheets. The only problem I now have is what do I choose to use next, and despite the variety I already have I still keep going online shopping to see what's new and takes my eye... I could stock a small shop (well almost). The amazing blogs that I have been checking out over the weekend only add to my wish list!! There are so many talented people around and their wonderful cards inspire me and inevitably I come across another must have item. My promarkers and me are coming on a treat and I am much happier with the results this time. I realise that I was using wrong type of card and  using the blender pen too much! I still have a lot to learn, but I'm enjoying the practice and having fun as I do it. Not quite worked out how to get just a hint of colour on the stamps and keep it fresh and light so I need lots and lots of practice... oh dear (any excuse I  have to do more card making and less housework, I will find it.)

Off to the duck pond ...this one is sweet. The stamped image I bought as a  E-bay bundle when I  first started card making. I  was scared to try stamping and was not sure how much I would actually do, it has taken me over a year to using these ones!!!... so I was right not to buy many. I now have a few more stamps  which are mainly sentiments and greetings, and of course FREE stamps from card making magazines. Which I have now started to use. 

'Off To The Duck Pond'

The green and purple backing papers are actually from an origami page-a-day calendar that my husband got for Christmas a few years ago. He did try to make a few but alas it was not for him. He stopped asking me to guess what he had made...when after the 20th attempt I was still getting it wrong, I am sure with practice he would have improved.;-)...The papers are all very brightly coloured and patterned so what better than to add to my stash and  put to good use..thanks hubby ;-D.I am surpised at how well it turned out and the colours match well with the stamp. My promarkers where put to use yet again and I decorated it with some ribbon, a bow, sequin flowers and gem hearts.

Shopping Rocks!

I  really like this one... it's my favourite. I  love the red, greens and yellows: very bright and summery....a reminder of the nice days to come. I tried to take a closer photograph of the promarker blending as I am pleased with the result, but the photo is a bit too bright to see it properly (another skill that needs to be improved). Again its one of the E-bay stamped images and this time using three of the designs papers from a free set called Summer Goodness from Raspberryroad Designs. I added some small mulberry flowers and  a polka dot ribbon  to finish.

'Fairy Magic'

This is sweet and the first time I  have used glitter. The purple glitter card was from a set of die cut scalloped ovals I bought from eBay (an embossing die-cutting machine is on my wish list, but feel I need to wait until I am no longer a novice to justify such a desired object). It seemed a shame to put the pretty die to waste and the fairy fitted into it perfectly. The fairy stamped image is from a LOTV set that again was free with a magazine (can you see a pattern here...I have been collecting and not using for a long time!!!!).The set is lovely and I have many more still  to used...I can't wait.The flower embellishment is made of a plastic/acetate type material (not sure what, it was part of another eBay successful bid of mixed flowers, shame as I would love to get more, hopefully one day I will come across them again). I added glitter to the flower petals,the fairy wings and her crown.Some little purple gem hearts and she is complete.

'Hoppy Easter To You'
My Easter Sunday creation, it had to be fitting for the occasion and I stamped it myself... well done me. Although you didn't see the numerous pages of attempts before I finally stamped the bunny!
There was issue of:
1.Missing bits out and smudging it!
2.keeping the ink on the stamp, instead of my hands, the table,the paper and the mount 
3.Having the courage to stamp onto the scalloped circle (I only had 3 of them, such pressure... eek!) 

Keeping in with my theme, this time I used free Nitwit paper-pack from magazine, which I adore. I think I have three different sets, two of which I can mix and match as the colours and tones are the same. The designs are all so adorable and so easy to use... which for a novice like me is perfect. Also from the paper pack I  used some cut out paper flowers, and a  die-cut sentiment. An Anita sticker daisy border (easy peel and easy use... perfect) and a few pearls to complete. I am very pleased with the shading using my promarkers and think my bunny is super cute!

Only one more day of the Easter weekend left before normality and the weekly back to work routine returns. Hopeful I will fit in one more card, before then. This is the first bank holiday that I have been pleased to stay at home because of the weather I must be hooked!

Happy Easter

I  have entered into the following Challenges:

 'Hoppy Eater To you' 
 CI Paints Inspired By: Bunnies, Chick or Eggs.

 recipe #66-bunnies and chicks 

 challenge#10'Eggs and or bunnies                                           

'Fairy Magic'
The Hybird Chick: Card Caravan Challenge #16 - using the negative space from a punch/die.

Prairie Fairy Fridays: #76 Anything Goes

'Shopping Rocks' 
Just magnolia special monthly challenge anything goes

Friday, 6 April 2012

My First Blog... New Beginnings

At last a year after deciding to take up card making and collecting a healthy stash.  Here are the first cards I have produced. I  finally convince my husband that I need somewhere to work other than the kitchen table with my stash in a box under the stairs... my wonderful husband to the rescue ... I do love him :D. 
Now I  have a nice new craft room complete with desk and lots of storage... bliss. Not the best cards in the world but you've got to start somewhere.My daughter is home form university for Easter and after looking and lusting at so many wonderful blogs I had to have my own. My fantastic Daughter to the rescue and my new skills have resulted in this page... hope I remember what to do when she goes back. Thankfully she is organised and has made me a set of idiot proof notes to keep me right...we'll see when she goes back how well I'm doing by the number of calls I make to her in a day!

'Flower Power'

My card master piece number 1... using pearlescent chalks and colour pencils. I got the idea of using the chalks with a blender pen from YouTube their results where excellent. I was a little disappointed and I couldn't get good shading. The embellishments are from my underused collection including swirls bought on eBay, large flower free download from great site that I came across, paper flowers,heart gems.The  backing paper was free gift in magazine. I have a lot of stash to use!

Sew Sweet