Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Another week and this time to have a sneaky peak at what the WOYWWers are up to. Hop over to Julia’s at The Stamping Ground to take a look and you may even want to join in; we would love to take a look into your creative world. What’s it all about, I hear you ask?... it’s like minded crafters of all kinds sharing their work desks, projects and generally what going on for them today. .Julia likes it kept short I really need to try as very naughty last week and in general! I've been enjoying my birthday goodies from last week and would like to say a big thank you to everyone and there kind comments. I've been a really busy beaver and there are some projects I can’t share such as daughters Christmas card-she is my blog IT expert and fixer so need to keep it well away for now..You can see the back of it on one of today’s pic’s...Sorry Claire your not getting to see it yet!... I've been making the most of my new toys and you should be able to see the card and some of the tags I've been working on. Next to complete is HB’s and daughters Birthday card which I've already started.lots of photos again this week to share .
 long view of desk and drawers ...covered papers are hubbies and daughters birthday cards.shoe box beneath more tags! is all christmas cards to post...I'm showing off!!
'busy' work desk  

I do need to tell you about the one eared Boofles bear. I found him dirty, wet, abandoned and damaged in a car park last week on the way home from Chester. Someone had set fire to his ear and his head was also scorched and black. I felt so sorry for him that I had to take him home. I washed him, “operated “on his ear; sadly it couldn't be saved so I put a nice clean bandage on and now he will be ‘one in million’ and my new lucky craft room mascot…I am a soft touch ...he also needs a name...any ideas? 
I’d better go now I've did it again oops so much for short postand I really must go to bed now ,work tomorrow, I will be visiting everyone as soon as I can. Have a fab week and happy WOYWW …Hugs x 
                                           rescued bear

 back of daughters christmas card on top of drawer unit...nope you cant see it yet!...
                  spot big  birthday pressie in it !                                                                             


  1. Gosh Andrea this is so organized. Brilliant xx Jan

  2. Organized indeed Andrea. I love the brightness of your craft space. Hugs Rita xx

  3. Poor Boofy!! Glad you rescued him.
    Must say I envy the organised-ness of your room :)
    Thanks for stopping by mine,

  4. Hi there, you've a lovely creative place there. I'm sure your rescued chappie will be very happy there!

  5. Poor old bear - well done you for rescuing him! How about Hugo as he'll need lots of hugs to make him feel better :)
    Hugs, LLJ #32 xx

  6. What a beautiful well light space you have there.
    A x #42
    ps would love you to 'like' us and share it with your friends [more info on my blog]

  7. Hello there to a poorly bear from the house of bears. We wonder, as you found him in Chester, should Chester be his name? Love your craft space btw, it looks like a fab place to work.

    Thanks for visiting the bears this week.

  8. Love your smart white workspace... looks so fresh and bright! Your colourful tags look fabulous. But how could anyone do that to a poor defenceless bear? - So glad you came along to rescue him. Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  9. I love your space,
    It makes me smile all over my face!

    Especially this week with your new mascot. He is A.Dora.Ble!! A name? I pick Sir Vivor!

    Thanks for visiting me already! Have a great week if I don't 'see' you before! Happy WOYWWing! Darnell #54

  10. What a lovely clean and organised workspace this week. You definitely have been busy too. Hugs, Buttons #43

  11. Love your workspace! I wish I had bought white expedits and alex drawers now. My space looks so dark! Great looking tags today. What are your plans for them! I think you deserve an award for rescuing the bear from the car park. Good job. Chester does sound like a good name for him! Thanks for visiting my desk and leaving such a nice comment. Have a great week! Vickie #3

  12. what a clean desk! and i love the colorful christmas tags. aww, how wonderful that you saved that bear. i once lost a beloved teddy bear that i travelled the world with and i hope someone like you found him and made him a craft room mascot! happy WOYWW!
    i'm trying out the method of visiting blogs with the same ending number as mine so here i am!
    thank you for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  13. You should call him Lucky as that's what he is, to have found you!!
    Lucky the crafty mascot. Have a great week, Christmas and New Year.
    Von #66

  14. Love your workspace, very clean and organised.

    Thanks for visiting mine

    Jan S 86

  15. Fancy abandoning that cute bear! I'm so pleased you rescued him! Maybe you could call him Lucky Bear, or LB, for short?
    Your neat, tidy desk area is one of the nicest I have seen! I'm so envious of anyone who appears to be so organised!
    Thanks for dropping by and for your kind comments re. my cards.

  16. Hi Andrea,

    What a great, organized workspace! I like the white shelves, etc. very clean looking.

    I'm slowly getting around to desks - better late than never. Thank you for visiting me already!



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