Sunday, 7 April 2013

One Year Blog Anniversary and a BIG Thank You

A post this evening but no card as it’s a special weekend and I nearly missed it!I can’t believe a whole year has past since I started both blogging and regular card making .Thanks to my daughter who reminded me today It was a year ago on the 6th April that I wrote my first post. She was back from uni for Easter when she helped me set up my account and get me going...Goodness I didn't have a clue! (I’m not that much better now!)
Its been quite an amazing journey,I’ve met so many amazing people from all corners of the world and found a wealth of inspirational and imaginative crafters. Crafters who are kind and caring and only to happy share there lives, knowledge, ideas and friendly words of support.
We all start for a reason and my reason was to de-stress;a way to relax and switch off from work. Without this I don’t think I’d have coped quite so well with all the ongoing issues over the last 6 months.
I might not have the time now to visit as often as I would like or have much time for card making for another few months yet; but even a quick 5 minute blog hop brightens my day. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who follows me,the regular people that I visit and all those that have visited me.
I only hope that everyone gets as much pleasure and enjoyment as I get form this virtual caring crafty world and that I’m around to enjoy many many more years. Lots of Hugs Andrea x


  1. Oi Andrea!!!

    Parabéns pelo aniversário do seu blog e seus trabalhos.

    Beijos carinhosos do Brasil

  2. Hi Andrea
    Congrants on your Blog Anniversary! Time flies, doesn't it? Glad you are loving your crafting and blogging too.
    Michaela xx

  3. Congrats Andrea, you are a fab blogger, commentor and friend...xx

  4. Congratulations on your One Year Blog Anniversary Andrea. I'm glad your blog and card making has helped you cope in difficult times, I know it certainly helps me.
    I hope your next year of blogging is just as enjoyable.

  5. Congrats to your one year anniversary. I found your blog from your post on my blog. I like your blog and became a new follower. : D


Thank you for commenting on my blog, I read and appreciate every one of them!

Andrea x