Wednesday 31 July 2013


Morning and a very happy WOYWW to everyone its good to be back, I've missed keeping up with everyone,sorry I haven't been visiting in the last few weeks; the demands of work and others have been greater than my needs(wants).I haven't posted or spent much time crating or online since I got back from holiday a couple of weeks ago...I was determined I would start to catch up and I did do a quick post Saturday...had high hopes for the weekend but it didn't quite work out as ever ! has been hectic; I just haven't had the time. Hopefully work will settle down again and I can get my familiar routine back...I like routine and order ...which makes crafting interesting!..I do think I spend more time cleaning my craft room than using it!
Tidy up required 

magazine pile

As you can see from my desk lots to sort and not a lot going on.The photo's where taken last night and hasn't changed since the weekend ...some bits are waiting to progress into a card...I'm having difficulty deciding what to use; its always the same I spend so much time trying to decide I get nothing done!...I dont do choice well, it was so much easier when I had less !..there's a  pile of scraps too sort before throwing out what I can't reuse (I don't throw anything away!, I should as I rarely even check my scrap box which is well organised and in fab order...but redundant most of the time)a pile of magazines that need fling/sorting and a few bits and bobs to put away from previous card making. I hope your desk is more wont be difficult! Check out the Stamping Ground to see what all the fabulous talented world wide bloggers sharing there desks this week have been up to...its addictive and you may just want to take part yourself. I hope you have a fab week, whatever you are doing. I'm off for visit around and plan to post a card later today too  ...that's the plan for now anyway. Thanks for visiting and I will come see you soon 
hugs Andrea X


  1. I like a tidy workspace too! You ought to see it at the moment though, stuff has just been thrown in after the holidays...sigh. Still, it's raining today so that gives me an excuse to go in and play rather than garden...yay!
    Hugs, LLJ 20 xx

  2. I can totally relate to your comment about it being easier when you had less! My stash used to fit in a shoe box :o) Thanks for stopping by today.

    Fiona xx

  3. I had a friend who could fit just about all her scrapbooking supplies in a small fishing tackle box and a thin paper carrier. She did the most stunning layouts out of so little it would amaze you :) And I am with LLJ - rain makes for a perfect tidy up day - even with a wall of windows over my desk on a dismal day it's just not light enough to really craft happy IJKWIM

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (17)

  4. very pretty papers, and it must be great to have more than one desk to move stuff around...
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 8

  5. Nice and tidy.

    Be well~ Carole

  6. Very nice space you have there! I see lots of fun markers and lovely papers. I need a cleared off spot to work, but sometimes, things just start piling up! Not sure how that happens! :) Winnie#65

  7. All neat and tidy there!! x Jo #11

  8. Your desk looks so neat and tidy.
    Happy Wednesday to you.
    Karin #122

  9. Laughing at your post! I so agree, we spend so much time organising & tidying. And as you say, the more stash you have the harder it is to make a choice.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz xx #22

  10. Happy WOYWW!

    Your workspace looks so coordinated! It looks pretty tidy to me!

    Cazzy x #92

  11. You desk doesn't look bad at all. Hope you have a great Week and get a chance to get things sorted and crafting. Happy WOYWW! Danie #25

  12. Can't see your scrap pretty sure that you would use scraps if it was on your desk in your line of are a tidy crafter for sure!

  13. Your desk looks neat and tidy to me Andrea. I always seem to spend more time planning than doing, it always takes me ages to choose which papers to use and to find co-ordinating card stock but it always takes me longest to decide on embellishments - probably why I seem to be moving towards CAS cards the moment.

  14. I too enjoy organizing and tidying up my space as much as creating, it can in inspiring. #114 Ann

  15. I'm a bit late visiting this week....I had a really manic day yesterday with my sewing. Thought I'd call in before today became the same!
    I like a tidy space too and to be honest if I kept it too messy I don't think my customers would come back.....I craft in my sewing room!
    A x # 3

  16. I know what you mean about having too much, and I'm also the same way about scraps. However, I think reorganizing is always a good way to re-energize, because it reminds me of what I have, which often revives my creative juices. Blessings!

  17. I know what yo umean about taking longer to decide what to do than actually doing it - half the fun is in going through all yer stuff! Love the purples and green papers together :o)

  18. Happy Belated WOYWW, Andrea! I so feel you with the lack of time! I only work for vacation fill-ins but this year I had five weeks in a row and it's killing me to keep up. I don't know how you girls do it with full-time jobs! I also feel you about not liking that scattered feeling. I hope you get a chance to settle down and get back into a routine soon. Thanks for taking the time to come and visit me! Mwah! Darnell #118


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