Sunday 1 December 2013

Proud Parent

A quick post this morning and its not a card,that will hopefully be later today after household chores are done.On Thursday we had a lovely time at my daughters graduation ceremony at Canterbury Cathedral. It was a bit of a rush getting there late Wednesday night and then back late Thursday evening for work on Friday  but well worth it. It was a lovely day, the service in the Cathedral was very well done and the perfect setting... they all looked wonderful (cold but worth it).
I just had to share a quick photo. Doesn't she look good (biased I know). I look short...I was being sensible in flat shoes!... as you get older comfort beats vanity every time!...thankfully there aren't too many photos of me as I was taking most of them...(I so dislike getting my photo taken some people are just not made photogenic!) 
It was her day and she looked as always beautiful and I'm a very very proud mother. Well done Claire and I wish you a wonderful, happy and fulfilled future in whatever path you choose to take. Love you  lots mum X 


  1. Your daughter is a most beautiful young lady. You must be so proud of her. Actually this is also a very nice photo of you, so I don't know what you mean about not being photogenic! I also wish her every happiness in the future. I have two youngsters, one studying her second year at Art College and the other a graduate looking for work. This is such a tough time for young people, they achieve so much and they need all our love and support. Julie Ann xx

  2. Congratulations to your daughter Andrea, she looks fabulous and you look very proud of her. I'm so pleased that you had a lovely day, it sounds like a wonderful setting for the ceremony,

  3. Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation. You BOTH look fab in the picture.
    Caz x

  4. You both look gorgeous Andrea...luv aNNIe xxx


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