Wednesday, 16 April 2014


A very good morning to everyone and a happy WOYWW as its favourite day of the week that I hate to miss due to my nosiness inquisitive nature;-)!...Sorry If I  didn't get to visit you last week as I haven't been around due to work commitments that have had to take priority unfortunately.What spare time I have had I've been busy working on my WOYWW Anniversary ATC's and Easter cards. I have completed 3 ATC's to date; therefore smashing last years record of 1 by 200%...impressive or what!All my Easter cards are finished and on there way to recipients(sorry some may be late...time has as always went so quickly,I had weeks and weeks to go and then in the blink of an eye there was only a few postage days left...eeek!)

The -I tried to make it look interesting shot !

I had better get to the reason for today's post before Julia the wonderful host sends me to the naughty step!...What's on my work desk?...I've hidden the ATC's so no peeking!There is not much happening...this was my desk at 10pm last night...only the remnants of my box making efforts for one of my Easter cards that need to be tidied away(card and box post to follow)I have been very fortunate this Easter as only had 1 box to make; the remainder have went nicely into envelopes...I find box making frustrating however careful I think I have been I always seem to get the measurements wrong and need several attempts to get it right...this week was no exception and I had to make 2 you can see I still have the one that didn't fit,I was going to keep it but what's the chances of re-using a box lid again!...mmm...I dont think so! So what creative projects have you been up to?..I hope to find out for myself soon, I'll be back after work later today...I hope you have a good day ahead,thanks for dropping by...crafty hugs Andrea X  


  1. Not started my ATC's yet so you're 3 ahead of me.... and no Easter cards at all... your desk looks pretty today. Helen 20

  2. You desk always looks so pretty, bright and inviting! Like your art :)
    Happy WOYWW!
    no. 27

  3. Will be making my ATCs this week-end. Well that is the plan! #36

  4. I've made my atc's , better to get then them early because you never know whats round the corner. Happy woyww Jill #41

  5. Hello Andrea. Those flourishes are beautiful - gorgeous selection of colours. Well done. Take heart - although I have made my Easter cards - some are not yet in the post!! MUST get out later today - but who wants to go out on a Wednesday when there are so many other interesting places to be...?
    Have a special Easter.
    Margaret #18

  6. Well done for getting your Easter cards ready and posted - I haven't even tried to do any this year! Your desk looks a real treasure trove. Easter blessings, Chris # 31

  7. 200% increase in productivity, huh?? I'm impressed :-). As long as you're enjoying making them, that's the main thing. I'm going for simple yet elegant, just like me, hahahahaha!!!
    Hugs, LLJ 37 xx

  8. Neat and tidy as always Andrea, those butterflies look pretty - I wonder where they are going to end up!
    I hope you get some time to craft over the Easter weekend.
    Take care.

  9. You are currently three ahead of me, Andrea! Love those butterflies, awesome colours. I see a lot of the spellbinders Spiral flowers die cuts too- I have some of those and rarely use them. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #34 xxx

  10. Andrea, it sounds like you and I were on the same page as we suddenly looked at the calendar and thought, "Eek, how did Easter all of a sudden rush up behind me?!" And wow, I'm impressed that you've made THREE ATCs already! Gulp! That isn't even on the to-do list yet!! I'm adding it right now! Happy Easter! Hugs, Darnell

  11. Congrats on getting 3 done I managed five this year :) your space us so organized too happy late woyww hugs Nikki 12

  12. Your project remnants look very pretty. Good for you being so organized and getting ATCs made with plenty of time to spare. Thanks for visiting and happy WOYWW! ~ Laura #64

  13. Must make another couple of EAster Cards tomorrow and then finish off what I need to do and then I might get around to doing some ATC's. Phew! Thanks for reminding me what I need to get on with.
    Hugs, & Thanks for your earlier visit - Neet 28 xx

  14. Hi Andrea! Your work space is so bright and cheery! My cards are late too....hang my head in shame. LOL Like you, time seems to slip right on past me!
    Thank you for the visit and your kind words!
    Happy Easter!

  15. Hi Andrea, thanks for your visit and nice comments, glad you liked the card, the recipient did too.
    Love the flourishes on your desk, they seem to be all the rage at present, been busy with some myself and the paper from which they were cut.
    Happy Easter, don't eat too much chocolate.
    Chris #39

  16. plenty going on here. love your storage and the soft spring colors.
    thanks for stopping by and welcoming me to your place.

  17. Hi Andrea Sure I'd love to trade with you. Send me an email with your addy I'll post one off to you :)
    Hugs Nikki
    elusionary60 at

  18. Tuesday next week is my ATC day, you are way ahead of me.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #88

  19. Days can pass so quickly when deadlines are nearing, can't they? Your space looks wonderful bright and cheerful. Good luck getting it all done.

  20. Hope you have found you imagination now. Thanks for visiting me and Happy Easter BJ#44

  21. well done on getting atcs done, Andrea!..need to do it so much myslef.. and yes struggle to get into gear with them.. and wow love the play area happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x for last week :D


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