Wednesday, 10 September 2014


A  very good morning to you and I hope you are having a good day whatever you are doing and wherever that may be. I cant believe its Wednesday has came around so quickly yet again.I did get to visit quite a few people last week but not as many as I would have liked to; so hopefully I will do better this week...that's the aim....visit?..who?.. why you ask?...its Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday- of course the fantastic weekly blog hop of crafty and creative sorts sharing their workdesks and creative spaces; thanks to the superb host Julia at the Stamping Ground...go take a might just decide to take part:-)...once you do there's no going back your hooked...I've just finished a quick and simple birthday card for my sister-in-law who's birthday is later in the week; I can't post it as I forgot to take photos before sending it off! Today's desk offering is an extra card I made at the same time... it's almost finished and an addition to my "ready to go" collection...sounds grand its not!.. it just means I'm a bit more prepared than usual with some cards all ready to go when I need them

work in progress

I used the same basic layout as I did for my sister-in-laws card and just changed the colours, papers and elements I used...  I just have the the flower to complete and then glue/tape it all together.My sisters birthday was at the end of August and I really love the card I made for her...I think its my best yet.I haven't posted any of it whilst I was making it as I wanted it too be a total surprise and I haven't really had the time... I'm really pleased with it and hopefully will be posting it at the weekend(this time I did remember to take some photographs before sending!).

christmas bits n bobs 

Christmas bits 'n' bobs are still in the corner of the desk which seems to be growing daily...even more magazine freebies and a few teeny tiny new purchases waiting for some action...this is definitely the next project on the agenda... that's my lot for this week, not the most creative of desks although definite progress on last weeks! off to work as early start again today so will be catching up with you all later...mmm that sounds familiar! have a great week and thanks for visiting its very much appreciated.crafty hugs  Andrea X   


  1. hullo Andrea..smiled at you calling purchases teeny tiny how often when do that with crafty things.. just as well I dont buy clothes or anything else luxury like apart from crafty goodies. frustrating at not having pickies to share.. enjoy the rest of the crafty time... and happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #13

  2. Everyone seems to have Christmas stuff out...Not me, cant get my head around it yet. #17

  3. Oooh, those flowers are gorgeous. The blue one is my favourite!
    Hugs, LLJ 30 xx

  4. Lovely stuff on your desk today, Andrea. Well done on being so organised - wish I could say the same! Happy WO?YWW, Chris # 34

  5. Great felling when you have made a card that really hits all the sweet spots. Hope you got a photo to remember it for future projects.
    Sandra de @26

  6. Your desk is so lovely and tidy - well done on the cards. Brilliant to have a few stand-bys. I'm nearly out of them as I have had to use them all up this year whilst making wedding dresses!
    Have fun using all those new goodies.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  7. Tidy, but interesting workspace. Look forward to seeing the card you've made for your sister. Thanks for sharing your workspace today. Hope you have a great day and a lovely crafting week to come. Hazel, WOYWW #45 x

  8. A very nice desk! I love that pretty blue drawer cabinet, very cool!
    Happy WOYWW,
    Gabriele 33

  9. Neat and tidy as always Andrea, I can't wait to see your Christmas makes - it looks like you've got some lovely bits and bobs waiting for you to play!

  10. You know I'm always glad to see your WOYWW posts, Andrea, as your desk is a vision to me! This time you look like you are a surgeon of card art with those tools and bits, haha! Well, kind of you are with your beautiful creations!! Have a great week and hope to see you at the weekend! Hugs, Darnell

  11. Hi Andrea, love the little drawer chest, lovely. Your desk looks very organised.
    Have a good week and happy crafting, Angela x 44

  12. Happy WOYWW Andrea . I've been absent from WOYWW for awhile but this week I am back. The card you are making looks lovely...such a pretty blue flower. AAArrrggg another Christmas card maker LOL...I suppose I could THINK about doing some
    Annette In Oz #46

  13. Nice productive, organised desk, Andrea! Thanks for your visit and nice comment about my last week's desk - I am not playing along this week with WOYWW because I haven't done anything and am having a bad few days health wise. I am spending the time working on revamping some old blog posts that had corrupted photos, and at the same time making some new Pinterest boards of all my work, as an online album. It's fun looking at stuff you made ages ago! Oh for more energy to be creative and productive again - my mojo has gone on holiday, I think.

    Happy WOYWW,

  14. I'm a great proponent of the 'same but different' cards...small changes completely rewrite the look and if you like one that you've made, its a great way to enjoy your method. As usual, you're working neatly...I feel your Christmas pile is growing..when it gets to toppling point, will you start then or do what I did and spread it out a bit...!


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