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A very good morning to everyone's that day of the week that we get to have good snoop around crafty workspaces round the world which means it must be Wednesday and time for WOYWW go check out the Stamping Ground to take part;the exceptional host Julia will make you welcome...its quite simple really post a photo of your desk/work area and tell us all about it.
I missed last week but still manage to have a snoop at my favourite sites...I'm nosey so can't stop myself! This was my desk at 10:30 pm last night; I dont usually craft this late and normally stop by 9pm to watch TV with hubby...It's our time to relax and catch up for few hours before bed and work next day...but I couldn't stop week I'm starting an online water colouring course thanks to a very dear and kind friend who gifted it to me...I am really looking forward to it as you can access site/lessons indefinitely so even if you don't mange each lesson in real time you can go at your own pace...ideal for me.They have posted a few pre course exercises this week one of which is to do a swatch of your paints...hence the reason the abandoned card I was working on has been pushed aside temporarily to make way fro my paints and bits. 

watercolour paint swatches 

This was my third attempt due to my OCD  the first one went well until the last line when for some reason the swatches seem to have grown substantially from the other two lines!...and I realised I had some duplicate that was no good although... I have kept it. The second I decided to use a ruler and pencil to mark squares the first row was just perfect...too on the second line I tried without the marker lines disaster! was so different from the line just did not work and I also discovered I couldn't rub out the pencil marks ! it was third time lucky and it worked...whoopeeee! I still had a big blank piece of card left I did a second swatch with the colours watered down...I was determined to finish it hence the time. Despite the rather wonky lines I can live with this one...I cant go on a straight line it s the same when I write on unlined paper it starts off good then goes the wrong way!...but it not a test in perfection and will be good for me as that's one my hopefully by the end of it I will have developed some skills and relax about imperfection...and most importantly enjoy it.

the arty angle shot :-)

I hope you have had a good week and have lots to share...I will be visiting after work(early start again).Also I nearly forgot...Sorry Julia ;-)...I know its not short and sweet...I have made 5 ATC's for the WOYWW 5th Anniversary swap and still have two left to swap if anyone is interested either drop me an email or comment below.I hope you have wonderful week ahead...big crafty hugs Andrea X  


  1. Wonky lines have character. They show they were made by humans and not machines. Good for you for keeping them. Happy WOYWW from # 2.

  2. I can't write in straight lines either, I'm not sure anyone really can! Enjoy the class when it starts, I've seen it trailed a lot. Helen 9

  3. I like the wonky lines too, but then I wear odd socks on purpose. Just relax and enjoy the course
    Janet @12

  4. Morning, Andrea - I reckon wonky lines are much more interesting. The course sounds fab - hope you really enjoy it. Chris # 15

  5. Those colours are delicious and straight lines are boring. I love the way you did it, shows a lot of character. Your fabulous Cotmans paint tin puts my teensy travel set to shame, you lucky thing. Yes, I'm just a little green right now.
    Have a great week.
    Von #11

  6. Those watercolours are gorgeous! I hope the online course is good.
    I would be happy to swap ATCs!
    RosA # 10

  7. Have fun with the course and love looking at all those colours I have to agree with you I'd do it twice if I noticed I did the same colours two times. I used little stickers to label my markers with their colours on them just so I could see them better :)
    Happy WOYWW hugs Nikki #7

  8. I am totally like you, can't write or draw in a straight line but your efforts look very neat and colourful and obviously will be useful when you come to start the classes. Annette #6

  9. What a great gift that is and one that will last a long time. I love the glow of watercolours, just wish I could paint. If I try to write without lines my writing starts climbing mountains and looks very odd.
    Enjoy your course.
    Happy WOYWWW
    Ann B

  10. Beautiful swatches, Andrea - like you I struggle with OCD tendencies at times but I'm a lot better now and can rejoice in the quirkiness of the unstraight!! Go for it and enjoy it! I am sure you will have a wonderful time on the course. My hubby is about to retire and he is looking forward to having more time for his watercolours, too.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #28

  11. That course sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy!
    Happy WOYWW

  12. Well you're amazing. I would be driven mad by my inability to keep the 'boxes' all the same size, but I wouldn't re-do it, I'm just too lazy. You'll love the course and of course, you'll learn to let go because the water will not..will what you want or expect it to, and dammit, it will still look fab!

  13. I would go nuts trying to keep it all perfect, why don't you get yourself a vanishing ink pen then the lines disappear when you need them too. I actually used mine the other week for the DDs scrapbooking layout. Great colour swatches, I hope you enjoy your class.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 47
    Happy Crafting

  14. More wonky the better I reckon lol...I have done swatches of all my pens, pastels, crayons etc it's a great way of checking what a colour looks like in the flesh, often nothing like the label. Have a great day.
    Dawn #52

  15. ah great work there Andrea.. perseverance pays off am very that way too not so much the OCD as live in too much of a mess for that but do things again if they bug me..
    Enjoy that course, now and well done you! Happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #50

  16. As someone who can spend an hour getting a line 'just so' I feel your pain LOL. At least now you will be very sure what colours you have!! Have fun with the course! Happy WOYWW, Cindy #51

  17. Wonky lines are fun :) I look forward to hearing about your class, nice gift.
    Be well Carole #68

  18. I never try to draw straight lines lol! life is too short to worry about them and anyway I like things quirky, much more fun.
    I would be happy to swap an ATC with you if you wish.
    Happy Crafting, Angela x 49

  19. Just peeking in before Im off to my DR. Apt.. so I have to keep it short..But im like you and cant draw a straight line for nothing... so any ... I like I like. Thanks for sharing. Roberta #78

  20. I can't draw straight even when there are lines to follow so you're way ahead of me! The course sounds like a lot of fun and how kind of your friend to gift it to you. Woot, woot for the No1 spot!

    Brenda 72

  21. I can't write or draw in a straight line to save my live. But wonky line are more fine. Have fun with the course. #59

  22. Great color charts. We all go a little wonky trying to do lines. :) congrats on #1. Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #82

  23. Hi Andrea, wonky lines are okay ... I can't write in a straight line either. I hope you enjoy the course and look forward to seeing what you learn throughout. Thanks for sharing and I wish you a good week. Elizabeth x #70

  24. Your desk looks quite messy for you Andrea! It looks like you have been enjoying yourself preparing for the class, I hope you enjoy it and look forward to seeing your 'homework'.

  25. I wonder what the idea behind making the swatches are?. What a lovely gift to receive from your friend, hope you enjoy it.

  26. Hey #1!
    I'm taking the wc class too so we can compare notes! Thaks for doing the homework for me.Ha!
    Robyn 34

  27. Thanks for your reply, Andrea - you can check out the album by visiting the 2 blog posts, and also all the videos to date (5) are now on my Youtube channel which you can access by clicking the button in my blog sidebar. Enjoy!



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