Friday 9 May 2014

Progress Update Online Watercolour Course- Day 2 and 3

The online watecolour card course is going really well.I started on Monday and there has only been one day where I havent taken a week that's really good for me; some of the lessons I'm finding easier than others and same goes for the techniques but where possible I'm tryng them all!.I've finished two complete cards and have at least 10 peices of work that I can use...not bad at all.
Day 2 masking techniques

The masking fluid technique above was from Day 2 watercolour backgrounds - I enjoyed all of the techniques and using the maksing fluid was easy once it dried !!!...the effect is good, not sure about the stamp I used though...need to give that more thought next time; but I would definately do it again .The buttrefly background and card below is made using the stamping background technique I dont have that many background stamps too choose from which was the hardest part...what do I use?...but I really like the results; again it was mixed some had too much water some not quite enough and the effect is very diffrent in each one;  but I do really like the effect. I think this so far is my favourite.

Day 2 backgrounds stamping

Day 2- background stamping  

Day 3 has been the most diffciult so far which began with stamping with watercolour. I found quite difficult and had very mixed results...but I am still working on it and will show all finished pieces at the weekend. I'm not sure wether its the techniques I don't like or the results, not helped that I dont have many stamps suitable and I was really struggling with ideas...again water issues...some had too much and not quite enough on others... so I havent quite got the balance right yet...but I guess practice makes perfect! has given me the oppurtunity to use my paints and inks diffrently which is not a bad thing at all. below I used diffrent memento ink directly onto the stamp.The one on the left was stamped second was spritzed with extra water  and gives a much more watercolour effect than the other.

day 3- stamping with watercolor/ink - I used memento ink pads

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a great weekend.I know what I'm likely to be doing :-)'s not somehing I would ever have thought about signing up for and the first online course I've ever taken part in; I am very grateful to the kind friend who signed me up for it...who ever knew painting could be so much fun!...I will keep you posted of my progress over the weekend !...Crafty hugs... Andrea x 


  1. Hi Andrea, the effects you are getting are lovely. I especially like the butterflies.
    Look forward to seeing more so I will be following you in future.
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  2. Hi Andrea - all this looks wonderful! Thanks for the comment when you visited - re slugs on hostas, a friend of mine who has a national collection of them (hostas, not slugs!!) makes a garlic wash that she sprays over, and it seems to keep the little blighters off. If I can dig out the recipe I'll send it to you. x

  3. Your work looks amazing Andrea, some of these techniques are really not easy to master, they make it look so easy on the video but I wonder how many takes it took before they got it right! I love your different colour combinations.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  4. How cool that you are showing the different results, Andrea! I think that is the best thing about watercoloring: you just never know what result you will get each time. I love them all whether they are "less" watercolory or "more" watercolory! And I like the stamps you are using, too. Enjoy your painty weekend!! Hugs, Darnell


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Andrea x