Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Well its the wee small hours again that I'm posting this is becoming the norm and not in a good way I've been awake since 1:30am ... that's even earlier than yesterday eek!...I'm sure it wont last !...So a very early and happy WOYWW...I will link it up to Julia later this morning...What's WOYWW... The very addictive weekly Wednesday snoop of desk and crafty spaces around the globe go check it out here

On a positive note getting up early it does mean I get to share with you my latest online creations from the online watercolour card course before I go to work this morning...its now day 2( three I suppose now!) and I'm doing very well for me; I've not completed all the lessons (close-still one form each day outstanding and the finished cards to create) as yet but managing a couple of the lessons a day. As you can see from today's photos my desk is in shock as has never seen such a mess for so long(must confess I need to tidy everything away each night...I really did try leaving it all out I can't do it yet!) today's lessons included resist techniques using embossing powders and masking fluid(I'm still waiting for the fluid to to dry !...think I used it too thick!.)

day 2 -light colour wash and embossing resist resist 

masking fluid...still not dry !!!

I'm  quite happy with the resist technique but I dont have that many suitable stamps to choose from but I will definitely be giving it another try.  The last photo is a bit strange I know it's my paint brush  holder brushes are kept in a fabric wallet which means it takes a lot of room when open and falls over when propped up so...lighbulb moment, I rolled it up with brushes on the outside and used a roll of finger lift tape to keep in neatly rolled up and in place...taaadaaa... a handy holder with everything in easy view /reach

"new" paint brush holder

I hope you have an awesome Wednesday and  will visit you soon. Apologies about last week as I didn't get back to everyone I had hoped to...will do better this  week...promise...Crafty hugs and thanks for visiting...Andrea x


  1. another early - or middle of the night- er!! there's a lot of you about today. Love the work though so it's time well spent. Helen 13

  2. aha light bulb moment indeed Andrea well done you.. and yes love all of your playing with watercolours too - clever work on masking fluid..happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x #35

  3. Great watercolours! Hope you can get through the day with so little sleep...
    Happy WOYWW :)
    no. 7

  4. I'm loving your watercolors! Gorgeous! Hope you can get some rest. I occasionally wake at those early hours but usually manage to get back to sleep. Cool "Ta Da" moment with your brush wallet. Love creative thinking. Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #66

  5. Lookslike you are having fun!! Happy WOYWW Cindy #36

  6. Brilliant idea for the paintbrushes, Andrea. Well done with the lightbulb moment! Looking forward to seeing the resist cards finished - they look great so far.
    Have a productive week.
    Margaret #28

  7. A great idea for brush storage, Andrea, and I love the paint techniques. I hope you can enjoy the course as you go along, and don't feel too pressured by time. Hugs, Chris # 47

  8. It looks like you are really enjoying your class Andrea, have you watched Day 3 yet, such a wonderful technique - they make it look so easy.
    It's nice to see your desk looking a little untidy - I'm sure it wont last.
    Great idea with the paint brushes.

  9. Looks like you are having fun Andrea but be careful you don't wear yourself out with those early mornings.
    Got your ATC and it's lovely, who would have thought we lived so close.
    Happy crafting, Angela x 45

  10. G'day Andrea
    happy late WOYWW. I seem to be always running late. On line water colour card awesome and your attempts are looking pretty darn fine too. I go thru episodes of bad sleep too...I hate it and hope work was OK for you
    Annette In Oz #39

  11. Great idea for using your watercolour brush roll in a really useful way. I like the idea of the watercolour card class but still haven't made any cards. Well done for trying the great ideas.
    Sandra @41

  12. Genius job with the paint brush holder, Andrea! I love your creative messy desk with all those beautiful colors! It does take a village to do this watercolor stuff doesn't it? My card today used dozens of stamps and markers ... what a mess! Glad you are enjoying the class, but I sure hope you get over your insomnia soon!! I worry about you! Hugs, Darnell

  13. Oh wht a tidy desk but soem lovely things on there. The pink blue and yellow washes are gotgeous, and the flower is beautiful. Pinst brush storage need patenting before we all copy it.
    Bless you
    Chris #32.

  14. Great idea with the brushes I'd love to leave mine out but kitty steals them to eat/play with them and they wouldn't last :)
    I'm so happy that the ATC arrived and you like it have fun with the water colour course I just started using more of mine lately I forgot how much I love using them
    hugs Nikki C 12
    I'm a wee bit late


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