Wednesday 28 May 2014


Today is a very special day as its WOYWW number 260 which can only mean one thing...the 5th Anniversary...A very big congratulations and well done to Julia at The Stamping Ground for being an outstanding host without her we wouldn't be here celebrating today

It also means its the big ATC swap and I've excelled myself this year(last year I made just one)...I had made 10 in total 
this year ...initially I made 6 ATC's ...all but one has been posted to their recipents...I Still have the the one for the big swap. Last night I made another four which are still avaliable to if you would like to swap just let me know and I will foward my email address so we can make the necessary arrangments.No desk today as its a bit boring !...I've had a week off work and been away for a few days; so other than last night I have had no crafting time at all! instead here is a sneaky peak of some of my ATCs all of which are unique...a couple are similiar but none are identical

some of the "first" bacth of ATC'S 

Oops I forgot to take them out of there covers! not ...sorry I do not want to spoil the surprise for those who have not yet recieved .The first six I made have little covers; the ones I made last night don't,I unfortuantely run out of time ...I will be better organised next year!

So what does WOYWW mean to me? ...The pleasure of meeting a wonderful kaleidoscope of very artsitic,talented, kind and genuine people from all around the world. I have made some very good friends and look forward to my weekly hop ...its the one post I try not to miss each week and even if I do not post myself I still try and visit as many people as I can. I looked back to see when I first posted it was Oct 2012 stash and enthusiasm has grown somewhat since then! ...but most importantly my friendships have grown and without WOYWW and Julia I probably would not have those friendships...So Julia a very big thank you from me and congratulations ...enjoy your day and I look forward to the next 5 years! Crafty hugs and best wishes to everyone Andrea X

PS I'm working a long day today so very unlikley I will get back in time to visit later ... but I  promise I will catch up with you all  in the next few days or over the weekend .


  1. ah wonderful post Andrea and very glad to have made your acquaintance through WOYWW.
    Grea looking atcs going on there... was more restrictive this year in number of atcs as post cost is getting too much for too many from Oz.. sadly... however was able send some so that is good.. happy, happy WOYWW 5 Shaz in oz.x no number yet.

  2. Hi Andrea! You are the name below mine, I would love to send you an ATC so let me know your address! Love your ATCs!

  3. Happy WOYWW 5th Anniversary.

    Lovely ATCs.

    I hope you have a good WOYWW. Sue 59

  4. Hi Andrea, so with you about getting organised! Thought I had allowed myself plenty of time this year, then we booked holiday for the beginning of May( that was clever), and then had a panic 'cos I had no inspiration for my ATC's. Got there in the end, though. Would love to swap with you if you have any left, don't worry if they've all gone! Happy 5th, Have a great week, hugs, Shaz #72 xx

  5. Andrea, the COVERS for your ATCs would make outstanding ATCs all by themselves!! You have put me to shame with my simple glassine envelope I'm using for mine, lol! I am so excited to be receiving one of these beautiful works of art from you!!

    I hope you guys had a really awesome little vacation!! It sounds like you are back working very hard. Thanks for coming to visit me earlier! Happy WOYWW 5th Anniversary! Hugs, Darnell

  6. This is a fabulous collection Andrea, I have never made an ATC, perhaps I should have a go!

  7. Hi Andrea, hope you are having a great WOYWW anniversary week.
    Happy crafting, Angela x # 40

  8. Your ATC's are too cute. Love the envelope. :-)
    April #93

  9. Glad you were able to find time to join in the fun. Have a great week, Chris # 15 xx

  10. Oh boy, can't wait for my ATC to arrive so I can take it out of the cover...LOL
    I hope you got my e-mail
    Have a great week
    Krisha #99 thanks for the visit.

  11. lovely words about being a WOWWEE, well said.Happy Anniversary Karen #101

  12. lovely looking cards! never to late to visit me! I'm 5 hours behind!
    Happy WOYWW 5th!
    thanks for visiting, your kind words and the snoop around.
    Robyn 24

  13. Hi Andrea - never too late to visit me either! I am 5hrs behind too.. thanks for your lovely comment - I have sent you an email. There is one ATC just waiting for you :) Happy WOYWW 5th - I too have met some amazing people by being a WOYWWer! Cx #85

  14. Thanks for visiting me earlier. I can tell how enthusiastic you are and those ATCs put mine to shame. You did a lovely job, and that was "just" the covers. Good for you. I'm running late because of my internet, but happy belated WOYWW 5 from #21.

  15. Hi Andrea,

    Your ATCs look great! I am so behind the times in getting mine finished and mailed! Every year I tell myself I'll be better about it but I haven't managed that quite yet!
    It is quite amazing how Julia has introduced so many of us with this wonderful blog hop. I'm so happy to be a part of it!
    Thank you for visiting me already. I can't believe it's already Sunday and I'm just now getting around.
    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (89)

  16. hi andrea
    sneaky lady leaving your ATCs in the folders. I made another one for you today as you asked so nicely to swap (he he).. I tried to e mail you but it would only do it through outlook which I don't use so maybe you can e mail me at so we can exchange addresses.. :-)
    see ya

  17. Hi Andrea,

    I'm with you on having no crafting time lately. Some friends are coming over this weekend to move what I have in a storage unit to my home. It's going to be crazy and then I have to sort out stuff to see what I need to donate, keep or throw away!

    The covers of your ATCs look great. I agree with Darnell, they could make lovely ATCs themselves!

    Thanks for your visit already. I'm hoping to at least get most of my visiting done today and tomorrow!

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay (39)


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